Install Security Fence MAKO Ramp & Drainage

Project Name:

Install Security Fence MAKO Ramp & Drainage.


Department of the Airforce.

Year Completed:


Scope of work:

This project consisted of installing approximately 2500 LF of chain link fence, including 4 pedestrian gates and 6 vehicular gates throughout for access into the enclosed perimeter. Additionally, LEGO installed a French Drain System in two areas, with approximately 400 LF of perforated piping. This drainage system included the regrading of grass areas throughout the proposed drainage area. This project is relevant because it included electrical system repair scopes of work, was performed for the Federal government on a Florida military installation, and was completed within the last five years. Scopes of work for this Sustainment, Repair, and Maintenance project included architectural design, drainage design, fence, drainage system installation, and electrical.

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