Repair Building 879, Homestead ARB, FL

Project Name:

Repair Building 879, Homestead ARB, FL.


Department of the Airforce.

Year Completed:


Scope of work:

The project’s scope of work included the renovation of Building 879, which previously served as a tool shed for the nearby hangars of the (FANG). LEGO was hired to perform design-build renovation of the building to accommodate a new office space, supply room, and tool room. Mold and lead was discovered in the existing office, so LEGO performed mold and lead abatement prior to construction along with demolition of existing drywalls, acoustical ceilings, carpet, and insulation. This project encompassed a complete interior renovation including a new HVAC system, electrical system, fire alarm system, and modifications to the fire suppression system. It also included new interior walls, floors, and restrooms, and demolition and rework of the roof. The existing tool room, which divided it from the extension by a CMU wall, was converted into one room and was separated by adding a double door. Once completed, the office space was divided in two for the use of an office room and a supply room. This project is relevant because it included general construction scopes of work, was performed for the Federal government on a Florida military installation of the Florida Air National Guard (FANG), and was completed within the last five years. This project entailed the renovation of an existing facility.

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